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Executive Programs :-

The executive programs are based on issues which students are likely to face in their working life such as thinking strategically, gaining and keeping a competitive advantage, linking strategic and operating goals, implementing new initiatives, understanding organizational behavior etc. The methodology of the program is similar as regular course, but the Organization has the option of customizing the modules to be undertaken based on the specific needs. So the organization gets the advantage of a flexible program by choosing some elective modules amongst the modules of the course. The project work and survey is held under the guidance of the person from within the organization, this ensures confidentiality of the company’s intellectual property and also augments the knowledge pool.

On full sponsoring of minimum 15 students or part (50%) sponsoring of minimum 30 students the logo of the company is inserted on the mark sheet / course transcript. The students may be sponsored for different group of electives / Course.

Provisions exist to restrict students from appearing for exams if they leave the service of the sponsoring organisation during the course duration of 1 year. This has been an effective tool for employee retention programs for HR managers especially in industries where attrition rate is high amongst different employee levels.

The courses are also used to supplement the induction / up gradation programs.

Example :-  An employee with no relevant qualification in the stores department can be sponsored for a course in Stores and logistics management etc.