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South Asia University is an international private, independent & autonomous multi-locational global organization operating in over 32 countries through it’s regional centers, liaison agents and associate’s campuses only in South America, Asia and Africa. The courses are tailor made to match local location specific requirements and academic levels in academic partnership with our academic collaborators and associates.

No claim or indication has been made to the contrary by the University or it’s associates especially regarding any country specific statutory / Federal recognitions, accreditations, affiliations, approvals etc. We do not confer any degree or diploma from any specific country like USA, UK, Canada etc. We do not confer degrees on the basis of prior life learning / work experience. We do not offer visa / student immigration or job assistance.

Acceptance by the employers is at its sole discretion. This will also be mentioned in all course transcripts. Accreditation is a voluntary purpose and generally is done by different voluntary / not for profit autonomous organizations and the University can apply to any or all of them. The University reserves the right to apply or discontinue from any affiliation / accreditation at it’s sole discretion.


QUALITY ASSURANCE COMMISSION :- The Quality Assurance Commission is established as a supporting body for accreditation of programs in vocational, professional and higher education provisions. It is one of the 8 Supporting Bodies for accreditation in the United Kingdom. Read more


ACCREDITATION SYNDICATE FOR EDUCATION & TRAINING :- The Accreditation Syndicate for Education & Training is established as a supporting body for accreditation of institutions engage in vocational, professional and higher education provisions. ASET works extensively across the UK and has a growing International network. In the UK more than 3,000 ASET learning programs are delivered by over 800 licensed centres including FE colleges, universities, sixth form and community colleges, LEAs, employers, government agencies, training companies and not-for-profit organizations. More than 100,000 learners receive ASET certificates every year. Read more


AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION AND ACCREDITATION :-(AAHEA) is one the oldest association in the United States dedicated to the advancement of higher education. We aspire to be the organization that best enables all individuals, institutions, and stakeholders in higher education to learn, organize for learning, and contribute to the common good. We provide accreditation to more than 20 disciplines for the common good of higher education. Read more 

And many more


ASSOCIATION FOR DISTANCE LEARNING :- The founding mission of APCD is to provide educational and occupational support to adults in pursuit of their goals through distance learning opportunities. APCD also enhances the educational experience of its members by providing products and services that make their lives easier and more fulfilling. Read more 


INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF STUDENT AFFAIRS AND SERVICES :- Higher education around the world has some form of service provision for its students that goes  beyond direct instruction and includes administrative support and programming to enhance student learning and success. . Read more 


THE ASSOCIATION OF PRIVATE SECTOR COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITIES :- Is a voluntary membership organization of private postsecondary schools, institutes, colleges and universities that provide career-specific educational programs. (We are an International member) APSCU's 1,950 members educate and support nearly 3 million students each year for employment in over 200 occupational fields. Read more



ASSOCIATION OF INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION ADMINISTRATION :- A membership organization formed in November 1982, is composed of institutional leaders engaged in advancing the international dimensions of higher education. Read more  

And many more



THE OXFORD ASSOCIATION OF MANAGEMENT :- Promotes the lifelong development of managers to the highest level, aims to Raise management competence and management excellence, Evaluate and recognise professional development, Encourage good management, Insist on the highest levels of ethical practice, OXIM validates our MBA and DBA for OXIM CMBA & CDBA membership certificates as dual awards. Read more



THE CAMBRIDGE ASSOCIATION OF MANAGERS, UNITED KINGDOM :- The Cambridge Association of Managers is established as a Professional Body by an educational Trust in the United Kingdom. It is one of the 300 Professional Bodies in the United Kingdom. Its establishment is gazetted at the UK Government National Archives of UK Professional and Supporting Bodies. The Cambridge Association of Managers is listed as a Professional Body. Read more 

And many more


Many private and autonomous Universities like SAU are recognised by employers for the academic strength at their sole discretion. We also have tie-ups with many universities all over the world to accept our students for further studies. The same are on yearly renewal basis depending on our standards and demand by our students. We are also members of numerous associations and trade bodies all over the world. Please contact us for further details at info@sauniv.ac

We are under various stages of application approval / accreditation / Membership / affiliation of the following bodies


INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION AND RECOGNITION COUNCIL (IARC) :- Founded in 1999, the is a not-for-profit education management association run by an elected committee. IARC provides opportunities for quality focused like-minded institutions and educators to network and collaborate, functioning to outline benchmarks for excellence in education. Click here to visit website



ARAB ACCREDITATION COUNCIL :- ARAB is a self-governing and globally recognized accreditation body. It grants accreditation to traditional and non- traditional educational institutions after evaluating them on stringent set of standards. In the accreditation status, AAC also highlights an institution's strengths and weaknesses offering recommendations to improve in areas such as curriculum, organizational and classroom management.  Click here to visit website



GLOBAL ACCREDITATION BOARD FOR DISTANCE LEARNING :- GABDL is an international accrediting agency aiming to achieve standard of academic excellence globally. It is a globally recognized accrediting association dedicated to providing accreditation to academic institutions including, schools, colleges and universities and vocational institutes established in the United States and Canada. It encourages, supports, and evaluates quality assurance processes in various academic institutions to ensure academic excellence. Click here to visit website



INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION  BOARD FOR ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION :- ABETE is an international accrediting body for degree-granting post-secondary programs in engineering. IABETE accreditation provides assurance that a college or university program meets the quality standards established in the engineering profession. IABETE accreditation system encompasses all engineering disciplines and profiles, is internationally recognized and facilitates both academic and professional mobility. Accredited engineering degrees offer students, their parents and advisors, and employers a mark of assurance that the degree program meets the standards defined and set by the engineering profession. Click here to visit website



ASSOCIATION FOR ACCREDITATION OF BUSINESS SCHOOL & PROGRAMS :- AABSP is an international quality assurance agency, working to improve quality assurance standards of organizations all over the world. With its global network of experts, AABSP grants accreditation to educational institutions, corporations, professionals and qualified individuals. AABSP also offers international accreditation services to small, medium and large scale corporations. AABSP's international accreditation for corporations ensures that the organizations are operating according to the international principles and standards of quality.  Click here to visit website



EUROPEAN ACCREDITATION BOARD FOR ONLINE EDUCATION :- EABOE is an independent, membership-based, non-profit organization dedicated to enable all academic institutions in the European countries. It aims to promote effective educational practices in schools, colleges and universities. European Accreditation Board for Online Education is an independent, membership-based, non-profit organization dedicated to enable all academic institutions in the European countries. Click here to visit website

Updated as on 10th Dec 2013