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1.What is the status of SAU ?

SAU is a private, independent and autonomous multi-locational organisation and does not recruit students directly anywhere in the world. Our students come from over 32 countries through our regional centers, and associate’s campuses. The courses are tailor made to match local specific requirements and academic levels in academic partnership with our collaborators. So students will not be able to apply to us for studying directly in UK, USAetc where we have our offices.

 2.What do you do ?

We validate the qualification gained by our students through our academic partners on CT basis based on their performance in the proctored examinations conducted by our associates for programs confirming to our syllabus and quality standards. Generally minimum of 35% of all students applying for exams fail.

3.What about statutory approvals and recognitions ?

As mentioned above, SAU is a private and autonomous organization, No claim or indication has been made by the University or it’s associates especially regarding any country specific statutory / Federal recognitions, accreditations, affiliations, approvals etc. Acceptance by the employers is at its sole discretion. This will also be mentioned in all course transcripts.As such students are advised to consider all aspects regarding employability or acceptance by employers before applying. We do not receive any federal / government grant or assistance. The qualifications are global and not to be considered from a particular country .

4.What is SACAMSR ?

This independent body provides course curriculum and academic support.
SOUTH ASIA COLLEGE OF ADVANCE MANAGEMENT STUDIES AND RESEARCH LTD a wholly owned independent organisation of SAU is registered under the company house UK.
SOUTH ASIA COLLEGE OF ADVANCE MANAGEMENT STUDIES AND RESEARCH LTD is also listed in the European transparency register. No. 260328010226-20
SOUTH ASIA COLLEGE OF ADVANCE MANAGEMENT STUDIES AND RESEARCH LTD is registered in UK register for learning providers UKPRN: 10039673

5.What about course accreditation ?

Our courses are accredited by various agencies (please see the link http://www.sauniv.ac/accreditation.html for further clarifications in this regard). SAU is also Accredited by International Accreditation organisation( IAO ) which recognises some of the top Universities in the world.
SAU is also accredited by the Accreditation Syndicate for Education & Training (ASET).
SAU is also accredited by the Quality Assurance Commission (QAC). UK

6.Does any organisation validate the SAU courses ?

SAU is also validated by the Oxford Association of Management, Cambridge Association of Management. Additionally many government recognized universities also allow our students to apply for dual degree based on our curriculum which are mapped on their academic pathways, leading to dual qualifications .

7.What about University membership : SAU is also member of ?

• Association of International education Administrators ( AIEA ).

• SAU is also member of International Association of Student Affairs & Services ( IASAS ).

• SAU is a member of Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU)

• Can I apply for membership to professional bodies ?On the basis of our enrolment our students can apply for memberships / qualifications of

• Institute for Supply Management USA

• World Certified Professional www.worldcertification.org

• The International E-Learning Association (IELA) http://www.ielassoc.org

• ISPI - International Society for Performance Improvement www.ISPI.org

8.What about passing ?

Students can appear for the xams and will be declared pass if the achieve a minimum of 4 points on a scale of 10. They can however continue to the next trimester but will have to pass all the modules befere the complete the course.

9.What about employment ?

Under our work and study program, the student works for 5 days a week and studies for 2 days, this may vary from location to location.

10.What if I miss an exam ?

You can appear for the exams in the next schedule.

11.What will be provided ?

Depending on the location of the study, you will be provided with study materials and academic support.

12.Will the courses be offered in any other language except English ?

Yes but subject to locational constraints.

13.Where do I pay the fees ?

As we do not recruit the students, all fees will be payable to the center where the student enrolls. In many locations in third world countries (as per the world bank listing of poor economies ), we complete waive off the fees of the students .

14.What about placement support ?

May be provided through the associate or the university as alumni support .

15.Where is the University campus ?

As mentioned above, the University does not recruit any students directly at any of the locations where it has liaison office like UK, USA etc. They are just for academic, strategy development and accreditation purpose.All admissions, exams and administration are done at the Associate locations and campus, Hence the student should contact his / her admission center for all requirements.