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South Asia University wish to appoint authorized representatives with the following objectives :-

• Represent us in un represented areas.

• Enrolment of Students all over the world by appointing Recruitment advisors / agents.

• Conduct support activities like course help, Examination conducting,Offer Employment assistance, Career up-gradation etc.


For appointment as authorized representatives you require to have the following :-

• One staff for counselling the students ( Training will be provided by us) as COUNSELLOR.

• Appoint minimum 2 sales staff for direct and corporate sales activities as marketing executives

•The center shall have the following amenities and facilities in the premises wherein the study center shall be operated:-

• A room for contact programs admeasuring around 400 Sq.ft.

• Minimum three computers and 1 printer.

.• Counsellor sitting area and advising area.

• Access to washroom / toilet facilities.

.• Adequate storage facilities for maintaining records and materials.

• Appropriate interiors and furniture for the smooth running of operations.

• Clean and hygienic premises and adequate ventilation / cooling.

• Sign Board as per approved format at the entry of the premises.


Your main obligation is to enrol students and conduct semester examinations ( the question papers will be sent to you by us and you will need to arrange for examination place, exam supervision personnel, answer books, and transport of answer books after writing by the students. We do not need you to conduct contact programs unless specifically agreed upon, for this you will be paid extra, The other obligations of the applicants is as mentioned below .

• Execute the marketing, advertisement campaign, counseling, local promotion and student enrollment process.

• Arranging logistics for conduct of examination, Document and Data Control.

.• Provide Infrastructure as specified by University.

• Maintenance of records of students and MIS.

• Provide guidance for Designing of presentations, projects, assignments & exam.

• Conduct of internal examinations and provide internal assessment in proper format to the university.

• Conducting seminars and open house discussions from time to time.


Available on request
Please feel free to write to us atinfo@sauniv.ac or Please mention your entire business details and contact details in your mail.