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Welcome to our website. This dynamic site will allow you to explore exciting possibilities offered by South Asia University™( SAU ).  Here, you will be exposed to endless educational opportunities that can change your life.

Why SAU?
We are among the most affordable of private and autonomous colleges in the world. SAU is a privately owned, autonomous, independent and multi-locational global organisation operating in many countries through it’s regional centers, liaison agents and associate’s campuses.

We offer our courses only through the work and study mode, where in you work for 5 days and study for 2 days in association with our partners. The students are also required to apply and appear for exams from a local government recognized University. The courses are tailor made to match local location specific requirements and academic levels in academic partnership with our academic collaborators and associates, such that the Student can apply for an International degree from our International Government recognized partner Universities and also a local degree from a local government recognized university.

That makes it extraordinary !

The student gets a dual degree at the same time also gets ample exposure to real working conditions. Accreditation is a voluntary purpose and generally is done by different voluntary / not for profit autonomous organisations and the University can apply to any of them as we do not receive any federal / government grants or funding.The advantages of an SAU education are endless.The qualifications are global and tailor-made to suit different environments and do not construe to be offered from a particular country or region.No claim or indication has been made to the contrary by the University or it’s associates especially regarding any country specific statutory / Federal recognitions, accreditations, affiliations, approvals etc.Acceptance by the employers is at its sole discretion. This will also be mentioned in all course transcripts.

In short, choosing SAU as the choice of your further study to realize your educational journey is one of the best decisions you can make. If we can be of assistance, feel free to let us know.

They're working - and so are you.

Our students taught by curriculum developed by faculty in your own country who are working professionals in their fields. They're doing what you want to do. They know their way around. And they're great teachers who share their work, their questions, and their experiences with you.

You'll be on firm ground.

A SAU education marries professional training with the educational breadth of a detailed curriculum. They gain a first-hand understanding of the world's best, and the achievements of its peoples' while mastering critical thinking and effective writing, two hallmarks of a liberal education.