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Students are active and accomplished both inside and outside of the classroom. Our admissions process is unique because it considers the whole person.

A strong academic record is the first indication of potential to succeed at the university level, and we also recognize students who have a well-balanced record of academic and extracurricular activities.

In particular, our admissions decisions are based on your academic record, leadership skills, a high level of commitment, and the potential for personal growth. We encourage you to show us evidence of your extracurricular involvement, volunteer activities in school and in the community, and work experience. Tell us as much about yourself as you like.
SAU seeks smart, motivated and service-oriented students who will enhance our academic community and, ultimately, make meaningful contributions to the national and global communities.

The University recognizes that a student's potential is based on more than just numbers, and looks at each individual for a range of qualities – from intellect, imagination, compassion, respect, generosity and decency, to diversity of background and experience, strength of character and determination to conquer challenges. Therefore, each application for admission is read thoroughly, thoughtfully and fairly to evaluate all-around excellence in academics, the arts, athletics, leadership, service, citizenship, and character.

The eligibility of the student for a particular course is a well-defined standard but varies from country to country. Please contact your center for further details. The academic eligibility and work experience requirement for SAU admissions will always match or excel the standard requirement for that course in your country by any government recognized University of your country.

Official documents are those issued by the institution possessing the original data supporting the summarized information on the document. Documents and data sent via secure electronic transmission may be considered official documents.  Unofficial copies are photocopies, faxes, printed documents from websites, or other copies that do not have the institution’s official seal or signature.
Official copies of documents (including, but not limited to academic transcripts) are required for admission and evaluation toward degree progress, and all such documents must be signed and sealed by authorized officials of the originating institution.

All applicants who wish to become official students must complete a signed Enrollment Agreement. This document sets forth academic conditions and financial obligations alike. Several payment options are available to students. Those who elect to pay over time must complete a Payment Agreement and/or Credit Card authorization form. Upon submission, these documents are official appendices to the Enrollment Agreement. Note: Other or additional documentation may be required in special circumstances.

The Department of Admissions is prepared to assist as the student completes these forms and to respond to any inquiries concerning programmatic and/or financial options.

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