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1. Courses from accredited universities are considered for transfer credit when successfully completed with a grade of 60% or higher.

2. No credits are available for work experience or life experience New students may receive experiential credit for pilot certificates, previous training, life or work experience obtained prior to beginning our degree program, provided it is approved by the local government recognized / accredited by a government body university .

3. A grade of “P” (pass) is assigned to all transfer credits.

Transfer credit is designated in three different ways:

a. Assigned credit is used when there is a SAU equivalent.

b. Unassigned credit in a subject area is used for courses without SAU equivalents, but which are acceptable to a department as fulfilling subject requirements toward a degree in that department. Individual departments may restrict the number of unassigned credits that may be counted toward a degree in that department.

c. General elective credit is used for courses which are judged to be transferable but do not fulfill specific departmental requirements. General elective credits are expressed in terms of arts elective or science elective courses.

4. The total number of either transfer credits or credits taken on Letter of Permission may not exceed 10.0 for an honours degree and 7.5 for a general degree. Specific degree requirements may mean that not all transfer credits awarded are applicable to a degree program.

5. If a student transfers to a different degree program, the transfer credits assigned on admission may not all apply to the new degree program. It is the student's responsibility to discuss his or her academic program requirements with an academic advisor and to notify the Registrar's Office of any program changes.

6. Changes to Transfer Credits : Transfer credits are determined in accordance with the policies and regulations effective at the time the admission decision is made. Subsequent changes to policies and regulations will not affect a previously determined transfer credit assessment. Normally, once transfer credits have been awarded and applied to a student’s academic record, they cannot be removed from that record.

7. Assignment of transfer credits for courses completed more than 10 years ago will not be considered.

8. Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) : SAU does not grant PLAR credits. Credits granted by another institution on the basis of PLAR are not transferable to SAU.

9. SAU reserves the right to assign or not to assign transfer credit in any situation.