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Mission and Objectives :-

These three powerful words sum up the mission of South Asia University . Our motto, Enter to Learn, Proceed to Serve, points to the fact that the end result of all we do is service to God and humanity at large. To enhance the individual's feeling of self-worth and dignity through education is the major premise of our existence. The continual development of graduates who are successful in their work and their personal lives will serve as our challenge for the foreseeable future. We accept our responsibility with pride.

Objectives :-

In fulfilling the mission of SAU, the institution sets forth the following objectives which reflect the overall goals of the UniversityTo provide a varied selection of academic curricula in specialized areas enriched with instruction in general education.To provide the students with a background of job skills which will enhance their employability.To provide the students with basic skills which contribute to success in their careers and in their private lives.To lead the student in the self-discovery process of clarifying and raising the individual's goals and achievements commensurate with the student's potential.

Integrity :-We value responsible, accountable, ethical behavior in an atmosphere of honest, open communication with mutual respect and caring for each other.

Innovation :-

We value creative risk-taking and enthusiastic pursuit of new ideas.

Continuous Improvement :-

We value continuous improvement of our programs, services, and processes through employee empowerment and professional development in a team-based culture. 

Customer Focus :-

We value commitment to student success and satisfaction by responding to customer needs.

Diversity :-

We value an educational environment that attracts, nurtures, and supports a diverse student and staff community.