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South Asia University has its humble beginning in Thailand and Malaysia in 1970. It all started on June 2 1970 as a small college offering English language training in Thailand . We began under the leadership of the Members of Developing countries Education Association.

As interest grew, these leaders called for a meeting of the Association on February 1, 1974. Representatives attending the meeting agreed that a multifaceted college should be established. Later the focus shifted on providing correspondence courses at the minimum possible fees to the developing countries around the world. Our mission is to offer international quality management education at an affordable cost.

We mostly compete with degree mills and mediocre institutions in providing world class education. The University is divided into 3 schools.
At present SAU is owned by a team of like-minded professionals from different countries with expertise in various industries who participate in liaison with stake holders, develop and update the curriculum to match the latest trends in the corporate world.

South Asia University is a private, independent, autonomous and self-governing multi-locational educational organisation operating in over 32 countries through it’s regional centers, liaison agents and associate’s campuses. No claim or indication has been made by the University or it’s associates especially regarding any country specific statutory / Royal / Federal recognitions, accreditations, affiliations, approvals etc. ( this will also be mentioned in the course transcripts of the students ).

SAU does not recruit students directly anywhere in the world nor offer admission for study in UK, USA, Australia etc.Our students come from over 32 countries through our regional centers, and associate’s campuses. The courses are tailor made to match local specific requirements and academic levels in academic partnership with our collaborators.

We offer degree programs at professional, undergraduate and graduate levels through sound updated curricula and an innovative work and study learning method of instruction. Our commitment is to fulfil the needs of the adult professional student. We validate the qualification gained by our students through our academic partners based on their performance in the proctored examinations. Each academic partner offers courses in different languages of study, accepts payments in local currency and provides payment plans and financial aid but confirms to our syllabus and academic quality standards.