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We are currently looking for online course facilitator candidates who have the professional and academic qualifications to teach Graduate level courses in Business and Management RESPONSIBILITIES :-

• Students in our courses are grouped into sections of typically 35-55 students each.

• Each section is assigned a facilitator who will perform the following:-

• Answers course-related questions (with 24 hours)applicable.

• Grade and provide individual constructive feedback on all student deliverables (within 48 hours after the submission deadline).

• Host weekly online office hours using web conference software (with a webcam).

• Moderates and participates in online class discussions (post replies in discussion threads).

• Communicates with their class using the announcement boards.

• Make recommendations for final course grades.

• Other course management related duties deemed necessary.


Requires a Graduate degree, or equivalent, in a discipline relevant to the course being facilitated (Doctorate degrees preferred), 3 years working experience in the specific field, previous higher education teaching experience, experience in online instruction preferred. 

• If you are interested in this position, please email us your CV (along with any supporting documents).

IMPORTANT :- Please include the Course subjects you are applying for in your subject line.

• While we appreciate all applications, only those who match our requirements may be contacted.